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Pure Zen Magnesium Oil

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Pure & natural magnesium oil will soothe, relax and replenish your sore, aching muscles and joints.

This Magnesium oil body spray is high in Magnesium, from the ancient deep mineral deposits of the Dead Sea, plus Aloe Vera to help with sensitive skin plus bergamot, cedarwood and lavender essential oil to help soothe and relax. 

Magnesium oil sprays are a quick and effective way to replenish your magnesium levels as low magnesium levels can lead to cramping and spasms and affect muscle function. 

Just spray and massage gently onto the skin, either all over the body or into specific affected areas.

Great for use at night before bed for a good night sleep. Tip: spray over your feet and massage it in for the best slumber ever!

If your skin stings or tingles a little don't worry, this is completely normal, especially if you are new to magnesium oil spray.  I have added aloe vera and sweet almond oil to help with this.  Sometimes it's a sign your body is low in magnesium or you have very sensitive skin.  This sensation usually decreases over time and with gradual use.  You can also spray it over moisturiser to lessen this.

NO nasties! Just pure 100% organic ingredients.  Rub this stuff on your skin and feel the benefits because you deserve it! 

Available in 125ml + 250ml

Ingredients:  Magnesium chloride, aqua, aloe vera, cedarwood, bergamot and lavender essential oil.

Use as often as required.

Made in South Australia with pure, natural and organic ingredients.


Store in a cool dry place.